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Creating Connections for Better Health Care Value

The Midwest Health Hub is a communication tool designed to strengthen connections and share knowledge across those that use, pay for, and provide health care. This personalized newsfeed will feature local health care news, with the goal of expediting improvements in health and health care value. 

We invite your organization to share its strategies and progress and look forward to receiving your stories. For more information on how to get involved, please contact info@midwesthealthinitiative.orgRegional health care news (Missouri, Illinois, Kansas), including the following topic areas:

  • Health care cost & affordability

  • Health care quality & patient safety

  • Data & transparency

  • Innovations in care delivery & payment

  • Patient engagement & consumerism

  • Employer health benefit strategies

  • Health policy & legislation

  • Community health & well-being

  • Pharmaceutical industry news

  • Networking & events

To view the latest news from MHI on improving health and health care regionally, please visit the Midwest Health Hub archive by clicking here.

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Designed to strengthen connections and share knowledge across our health care community, the Midwest Health Hub’s goal is to expedite improvements and to help us track the progress in making health care work better for patients, providers, purchasers, and our community.

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