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Our Work with Physicians


MHI believes strong relationships between patients and physicians are critical to strengthening our health care system. With this in mind, the MHI Physician Leadership Council (PLC) meets every other month to provide clinical guidance, and the knowledge that can only come through experience as a practicing physician.

Identifying the number, practice location and specialty of providers in our region is fundamental to understanding how the health care system works and how it changes over time. But all too often, that basic information has been unavailable. Using its unique multi-payer commercial claims database as a starting point, MHI has compiled an index of doctors, nurse practioners and physician assistants providing primary and speciality care in our region. We hope this information provides a useful baseline to those interested in understanding the number and types of providers practicing in the various counties of our region.

MHI is pleased to share with you, “The Doctor Is In: An Overview of Practicing Primary Care and Select Specialty Providers in Eastern and Mid-Missouri Counties,” available for download on the right and made possible through the financial suport of the Missouri Foundation for Health. This report focuses on primary care providers, cardiologists, endocronologists and obstetricians/gynecologists practicing on the Missouri side of the St. Louis metropolitan statistical area and the 16 counties west. 

MHI looks forward to continuing to provide information to physicians and supporting their efforts to improve care quality and affordability. If you have a question about the supply of practicing physicians practicing in the St. Louis region, contact John Carlton at 314-721-7800.


Bryan_Burns.png Dr. Bryan Burns
Primary Care, Esse Health
Dr._J._Collins_Corder.jpg Dr. J. Collins Corder
Primary Care, West County Medical Associates  
Dr._Elyra_Figueroa-Espana.jpg Dr. Elyra Figueroa-Espana
Allergy, Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Institute of St. Louis, Inc.
Beth_Gearhart.jpg Dr. Beth Gearhart
Obstetrics & Gynecology, Private Practice 
hachem[1].jpg Dr. Christine Hachem
Gastroenterology and Hepatology, SLU Care
Dr.-Tom-Hastings.jpg Dr. Tom Hastings 
Primary Care, Esse Health
George_Kichura.jpg Dr. George Kichura 
Interventional Cardiology, St. Louis Heart and Vascular
Dr.-Paul-Spezia.jpg Dr. Paul M. Spezia 
Orthopedic Surgery, St. Peters Bone & Joint 

 Non-Voting Participants


Dr. Raymon (Jack) Davidson
Market Medical Executive, Cigna


Dr. Michael Durkin 
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Washington University


Dr. Angela Miller
Senior Medical Director, Aetna


Dr. Jay Moore 
Senior Clinical Director, Anthem 

  Dr. Kim Perry
Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealthcare





For more information, contact John Carlton at jcarlton@stlbhc.org



Are you a physician that would like to learn more about MHI or apply to serve on its Physician Leadership Council?