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Health Information Blueprint Project

What: A Blueprint for a health information infrastructure for Missouri and its bordering metropolitan areas.

Why: To ensure the people, providers, purchasers, and policy makers have timely access to insights that inform health care decisions, support optimal health, and lead to the highest value health care.

Vital to any community is timely and reliable access to health care information—specifically, the number of people being treated for various conditions, the care that they receive, utilization trends, inequities in resource allocation, and the cost of services. This information is essential to creating an environment that consistently delivers care that aligns with recognized quality standards, is responsive to patient needs, and is affordable.

Over half of other states have operationalized or are implementing data infrastructures to inform better population health and care value.

Who: This project is being facilitated by the Midwest Health Initiative (MHI) and funded by Missouri Foundation for Health. It will be guided by a Thought Leadership Panel and informed by constituents from across the region.

How: By gathering the collective wisdom of diverse health care stakeholders and soliciting input from those in other states that have successfully created a health information infrastructure for community benefit. 

  • The work will be undertaken by a consulting partnership which brings together Missouri-based StratCommRx, the National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO), and Issues Research, Inc., a Colorado health care research consulting firm. 

  • A survey will be used to collect input from a large audience of diverse stakeholders with relevant knowledge, experience, and ideas to share.

  • Individual interviews will be used to garner deeper insights into our region’s current health information assets.

  • Lessons learned will be solicited from leaders and users of other state-based health care data infrastructures.

  • The Blueprint will highlight opportunities to create an information-rich health care infrastructure in our region.


  • Share your ideas by responding to our survey. To request the survey, contact info@midwesthealthinitiative.org

  • Join our distribution list and be sure to receive a copy of the Blueprint, which is expected to be available for comment, spring 2021.